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 West Middleton’s Baseball/Softball

 Tee Ball Rules & Guidelines


League Objective: The purpose of this league is for the kids to have fun. Very little instruction at this age level is required. The more the parents make it fun for their child and their teammates, the more fun had by all. The first couple weeks are recommended using the big red bats and wiffle balls. Then progress to metal bats with tennis balls and then soft core baseballs. When practicing throwing, start with the tennis balls to gain confidence.

League Structure:

Practices 1, 2 should be dedicated to teaching the players the basic fundamentals.


  • Kids should be split into groups to practice different stations including but not limited to: Hitting, Fielding, Throwing, Catching, Running the Bases & Defensive Positioning.


Scrimmage 1& 2:  Practices will start at the scheduled start time and be 20 minutes long. Kids should continue to work on fundamentals.  Scrimmages will start after that and be 4 innings or 40 minutes long.


Games will be played on Tuesday and Thursday nights beginning July 3. The times for

games will be at 5:30, 5:45 or 6:45pm.Games will be played at Pioneer Park on fields 3 or 4.



  • Home team is determined on the game schedule (listed first)
  • Home team will be in the 1st base dugout and will be in the field first.



  • Game time will start promptly at the designated time. Please make sure your team is warmed up and ready to play.
  • The game will last 60 minutes and end at the conclusion of the time limit regardless of who team is up to bat.
  • The field supervisor or coaches will keep official playing time.



  • Bases – 60 feet
  • There will be a 10 foot arc from the front of home plate extending from the first base line to the third base line. The ball must travel past this line to be considered a fair ball.



  • All players must be properly registered and appear on your Official Team Roster - this is given to you by the Recreation Coordinator.




1) An offensive inning consists of one (1) complete rotation through the batting order.

  • The batting order will reverse in the next inning.
  • Announce the last batter.
  • The offensive team should notify the defense when the last batter comes to bat. 
    1. Once the last batter puts the ball into play, the batter and base runners must try to score on that play. On this play, if the fielding team manages to record an out on the base paths or at any base, the inning is over.

2) The batter must be in the batter’s box and hit off the ball off of the tee.

3) The coach of the offensive teams will place the ball on the batting “Tee” and remove the “Tee” from the area of home plate after the ball has been put in play.

4) All batters and base runners must wear a batting helmet

5) No fielder will be closer than thirty (30) feet from the batter.

6) There are no outs recorded

7) There is no leading off, no stealing, and no bunting.

  • The runners will advance when the ball is hit. A runner may advance one base on an overthrow.

8) Players must not sit more than one consecutive inning

  • Players should only play a position once in a game
  • Players can be substituted in any dead ball situation.
  • There are No Catchers.

 9) Coach can be on the field. 

  • Coach can stop play to tell team what should have been done on the play. 

10) Any batter excessively throwing the bat will be called out. Runners return to original base.



  • Every attempt will be made to play games; however, the safety of players is the #1 priority of Middleton Recreation Division. Please be patient with weather delays.
  • In case of rain or wet grounds, after a game has begun, the field supervisor will decide if the fields are playable.
  • The weather hotline will be updated by 4:00pm on weekdays. It is every team’s responsibility to check the weather hotline before game time for game cancellation information.
    • WEATHER HOTLINE NUMBER IS – 608-821-8357
  • Cancelations will be updated on the following Social Media Platforms:
    • City of Middleton Public Lands Recreation and Forestry Facebook Account
    • West Middleton Baseball Softball Twitter Account
      • https://twitter.com/WMBS18
  • If inclement weather becomes a factor, you will still be limited to the time frame of 60 minutes so you may not get an entire game in.