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Pioneer Park Ball Fields
Town of Middleton Scheduling Procedure
  1. Only requests from West Middleton Baseball and Softball teams, the Town of Middleton Softball League and the Pine Bluff Home Talent League will be scheduled on the field calendar from April 15 – July 31.  Teams outside of these organizations may use the fields when available but will not be scheduled.  Scheduled teams will always have priority. 
  2. Practices will initially be scheduled up to June 4th, 2017 as the season opens on June 5th for youth baseball and June 12th for girls softball. (Girls softball teams may request practice times the week of June 5th only on field #4 on Monday and Wednesday nights). Practices during the season (after June 5) will be allowed after the full season schedule is in place.  Priority for time slots during the week will be given to the competitive team and practices can be bumped if field space is needed for rescheduling Cal Ripken, Babe Ruth or Home Talent games.
  3. Ball fields are reserved when a request has been accepted and posted to the field calendar. 
  4. Requests to reserve ball fields should be sent to .  No phone requests will be taken.  Please include the specific dates, times, fields and team name in your request. 
  5. Please use the club website to review the field schedules for available times prior to making a request. 
  6. Evening practice times are 4:00pm, 5:30pm and 7:00 pm. Please do not request an evening practice time different from these blocks.  This allows effective use of the fields and more availability.  Earlier times are available.
  7. Practice times are open throughout the day prior to 4:00pm, unless the fields are prepared for a night game.  Practice times before 4:00pm must still be requested and generally should not be more than 1-1/2 hours per team. 
  8. Games will have priority over practices with the oldest age groups having highest priority. 
  9. Teams may only reserve one weekday evening practice time and one weekend practice time per week.  Additional weekday practices are allowed prior to 4:00pm. The Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken teams may have more practices if space is available. 
  10. Even with our best efforts, conflicts do occur.  If there is a conflict, please refer to calendar.  Please work with the other coach so both teams can practice.
  11. DO NOT use fields that have been prepared for a game.
  12. Clean up fields and dugouts after use.  Replace the tarps after the last practice of the day.  
  13. DO NOT hit hard balls into the fence.​
  14. Any questions, please contact the email address above.