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Age 18 and under –

Grades 7 & 8 & HS

1. Ball – 12 inch ball is used.

2. Bases – 60 feet between bases – Double safety base should be used if available.

3. Pitcher’s plate – Should be 40 feet from home plate.  

4. Game Length – play 7 innings or 1 hour 30 minutes time limit.  No inning can begin after 1 hour 30 minutes.  Four completed innings count as a full game.  If a game is stopped prior to the completion of four innings the game does not count and must be replayed.

5. Run Rule – A game shall be over if a team is ahead by 10 or more runs after 5 innings.

6. Scoring – Keeping score is allowed.   Teams should provide one another with a lineup prior to the game starting.  

7. Rules – Coaches should meet to go over rules with umpire prior to game starting.

8. Players – Teams can play with up to 10 players on defense in proper positions with 4 outfielders.  A team must have at least 8 players to begin a game.  If there are less than 8 players that team must forfeit, but the game can still be played as a scrimmage.  If a team that begins with 8 players loses additional players the game can continue, but an out must be recorded each time a missing player’s turn to bat occurs.  ALL players must be included in the batting order.  

9. Jewelry – All jewelry must be removed prior to playing.

10. Play Stoppage – Play stops when the ball is in the possession of the pitcher in the pitching circle (the 16 foot diameter area that includes the pitching plate in the center).  If a base runner is not on the base they must go back to the base unless 2/3 of the way to the next base.

11. End of Inning – An inning is over when a team gets three outs or 5 runs are scored.  

12. Overthrows – A runner may take one base on an overthrow.

13. Leading Off – A runner may lead off after the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand and must return to the base between pitches.  Runners leaving early will receive one warning and if it happens a second time they will be called out.

14. Helmets – Helmets must be worn in the on deck circle, batting, while base running and kept on until player exits the playing field.

15. Bunting – Is allowed.

16. Sliding – Is allowed and mandatory on close plays where contact may occur.  

17. Stealing – Is allowed.  Home plate is closed on a passed ball unless the ball is put in play by the catcher.

18. Walk – A walk is issued when a batter receives 4 balls.

19. Infield Fly Rule is enforced *

20. No throwing bats – Player will receive one warning and will be called out the second time.  

21. Pitching –  a. Player Pitching – Players will do all pitching all season.  Pitchers can pitch using any underhand style which is comfortable for them.  Windmill motion IS allowed.  Pitcher can pitch a maximum of 4 innings per game. b. Pitcher Mechanic Rule – Pitcher must begin with at least one foot on the pitching plate with hands apart.  Once the hands come together the pitcher may not take a step backward.  The ball must be released between the 1st and 2nd step of the pitching motion.  If improper form is used play should be stopped one time to instruct the player on the mound of the proper form.   If the improper form continues the player is allowed to finish the inning without further on field instruction regarding mechanics and should receive further instruction on the sideline once that half of the inning is completed.  The purpose of the league is for girls to learn the game so the goal is to create a positive learning environment, not a punitive one. c. Competitive Pitchers – Pitchers who pitch in a competitive league are not allowed to pitch in this league.

22. Hit By Pitch – A player gets first base when hit by a pitch even if the ball bounces first.  If two players are hit by a pitch in one inning the pitcher must be removed for the remainder of the inning.  The pitcher can return the next inning if they haven’t pitched in 4 innings already.  WHEN A THIRD BATTER IS HIT THE PITCHER MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE GAME AND IS FINISHED FOR THE DAY AS A PITCHER, BUT CAN PLAY OTHER POSITIONS FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE GAME.  THIS RULE MUST BE ENFORECED.

23. Courtesy Runners – Is allowed for the catcher and must be the last batter to make an out. 
24. Dropped Third Strike Rule – If a batter swings and misses on the third strike (when there are fewer than two outs and first base is unoccupied or anytime there are two outs), and the catcher doesn’t catch the ball, the batter becomes a batter-runner and the ball is in play and the catcher must throw the ball to first before the batter reaches to record the out.  

25. Home Team Responsibilities – The home team is responsible for securing 2 umpires and preparing the field for play (setting up bases and pitching plate)  If a game is canceled for any reason it must be done by 4:00 p.m. and the home team coach must call the opposing coach.

26. Umpire/Coach Pregame Meeting – Before each game there should be a meeting between the umpire(s) and a coach from each team to go over the rules and field information (out of play etc).

27. Sportsmanship – All players, coaches, parents and fans are expected to treat one another with respect.  Heckling of the umpire is not allowed and it will be the responsibility of the coach to control his/her players, parents and fans and put a stop to this behavior immediately.

28. ASA rules apply if not listed above.